My fabulous mother found my roommate and I this funky junk decoration for our kitchen at an antique shop in Central PA a few weekends ago:

I haven’t played the piano much since I’ve been in college, but when I did, finding vintage sheet music was one of my favorite things. It’s quirky, cheap, and readily available–just look in bins at antique shops or in your grandparent’s attic. Seriously–you don’t find good, wholesome odes to baked goods like this anymore.

Because I was curious, I opened up the frame to look inside at the lyrics of this 1923 hit. Here’s a little tidbit:

My friend Jonesie he got married just the other night
Jonesie was a man who had an awful appetite
His wife went to cooking school, but only learned to bake
When he kicks about the meals, She says “John for goodness sake”,

Just cut yourself a piece of cake and make yourself at home,
I’m sorry that I can’t cook steak, but cake is so high-toned
You’ll get corns and bunions
From eating Spanish onions
So cut yourself a piece of cake and make yourself at home.

Perhaps the song is a foresight into my domesticity and upcoming nuptials.


And for your listening pleasure: