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What do you get when you combine the constant smell of a basement, searching through thousands of cheesy grandma knick-knacks for the perfect wedding cake topper, and chocolate cream pie?

A successful day of antiquing and a very happy Bren, that’s what.

It was a cold Football Saturday in Happy Valley, so naturally, I fled town. I had told my dad weeks ago that I wanted to go flea marketing together on a Saturday, and today was finally the day that worked out. Even though my first unofficial rule of thrift searching is to have an open mind (which means not going in looking for any one particular thing, because it often leads to frustration), I knew I was searching for wedding decor inspiration today. But of course my mind was open to other impulses that might arise. Like jewelry.

Our first stop was Street of Shops in Lewistown, PA.

Inside: miles and miles and aisles and aisles of junk. Obviously I was in heaven.

As I got lost in the labyrinth, I was thinking about how something so simple brings me so much joy. For some reason, I see a thrill in buying things that aren’t fresh off the factory. I love knowing that I am probably the second, third, tenth owner of a necklace that someone might have worn for their prom or wedding in the 50’s. Not only are older things much better quality, since they have stood the test of time, they also have a certain character that the plastic consumer items of today do not– I can’t image we’ll be seeing aisles of outdated iphones and computers in 30 years.

Don’t get me wrong though–there is certainly a fair share of utter crap for sale in some of these places. Among my favorites today: a Sony walkman and racks of cassettes, a life-size PSU basketball player poster, a light up Jesus lawn ornament, and a styrofoam Coca Cola McDonalds cup. Yes, some things should just be thrown away.

Anyway, after a lovely grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch at the cafe, we moved on to our next stop.

I didn’t buy anything here, but loved exploring the three floors of this barn-turned-antique mall.

We finished off the day with some dinner and pie at the Lewisburg Country Cupboard (a swell place, if you’d like to check out the chronicles of the smorgasboard in my other blog).

I’m sure you’re dying to know what I bought, right? Did she find her perfect cake topper?

Unfortunately, I did not–not one I loved, anyway. I did, however, find plenty of newlywed Precious Moments and teddy bears and creepy porcelain doll-esque figures that once stood on someone’s cake. Oh well–there will be more antique trips. 🙂

However, without giving too much away, I found a fantastic decoration that will definitely make a statement at our reception. I’m not going to tell you what it is, but I will tell you that I found it here:

And for another little decoration sneak preview:

You’ll just have to stay tuned!

I also found a beautiful 1970’s dress that you’ll get to see after some alterations. It fit almost perfectly, and had a fantastic pattern. With some shortening and taking in, it’ll be real neat.

I would say today was a great success. Thanks to Dad for going with me!

Stay warm! I’m hearing rumors of snow….