Today it has not. Stopped. Raining. Usually, these kind of days makes me want to do one of three things:

1. Put on a happy face (and maybe some red shoes) and make the best of it, despite my surroundings that excude sheer crankiness.

2. Curl up in a ball, eat, and watch six movies in a row. Which I did over this Thanksgiving break. Mind you, that’s six movies, not six hours of movies. Yes, I sat on the couch from approximately 10 am until 7:30 pm and enjoyed all that the world of television had to offer, the good and the bad.

3. Dream of sweet and colorful wedding days, and relish in the fact that I am getting married. In 8 months. WOAH.

As the large details start to come together, with the little details still in the dreaming stage and yet to fall into place, I am slowly starting to realize that this is me planning a wedding. This is me and Ian. This is for US!

We booked our honeymoon, and as we were looking at our resort’s website, I still could not believe that we’re actually going THERE! On a HONEYMOON!

I walked into my bedroom at home, which has been transformed into a wedding wonderland of bridesmaid dresses and decorations and knick knacks, to show my grandmother my dress on Thanksgiving. As I pulled it out of the bag, it really hit me that in July, I will be finally get to wear it (and Ian will finally get to see it!)

Most importantly, I am going to begin a new life with my best friend. As the days fly by more and more quickly, it’s impossible to fathom how much our lives are going to change. But I am so excited to tackle it together.

But until July just hurries up and gets here, I will keep up the colorful daydreaming. And doodling in my notebooks.