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Even though New Years Eve is annually the lamest holiday of the year, I sincerely hope you had a more eventful one than I did. This year, my glamourous evening consisted of throwing up all night, sipping gatorade all day, and sprawling on the couch, dozing in and out with my man watching all three Back To The Future movies, only changing the channel to watch the ball drop and toast to the new year with a wine glass of ginger ale. Yep, after avoiding it for so long, the stomach bug made its way to me on New Years Eve. Happy freakin’ 2011.

But hey…with a year of graduation, weddings, and moving upon us, it can only get better, right?

After the stomach flu made it’s grand entrance and exit, I spent a lot of time in front of the TV recovering/taking advantage of being lazy for my last winter break ever. (Being waited on by mom and dad only lasted so long, though.) Among the junk that is daytime television, I definitely had my fix of trashy reality TV. And wouldn’t you know, weddings are a hot topic these days.

Say Yes to the Dress. Bridalplasty. Four Weddings. Different shows, but they all say the same thing: Weddings need to be extravagant. If they want it, brides can be talked into spending $500 dollars more on a dress when their budget was $2000–it’s OK, because Daddy will pay. Every girl’s wedding will not be perfect unless she wins a liposuction-facelift-boob job makeover. It’s all just a big competition to see whose wedding is the biggest and the best. Winning= a lifetime of love and happiness. And if they lose? Well, at least they got to be on TV.

It makes me think: whether you spend $5,000 or $50,000 on your wedding, everyone has the same thing to show for it: marriage. The flowers will wilt, the dress will go back into the closet, and the cheesy DJ will pack up his speakers and drive over to the next reception. Have the girls on these shows lost sight of the reason for all the glam and glitz?

Today marks the 7 month countdown to me and Ian’s big day (and also our two year and eleven month anniversary of dating!) and I know that as the planning and crafting (and working more hours to pay for all the planning and crafting) begins to take form, it will be easy to get caught up in the details. But as long as I keep my sights on the most important thing, everything will be perfect. Even without plastic surgery.

This right here is what it's all about.