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Oh hello! Remember me? I used to blog around here sometimes?

January has come and gone–a darn good thing for a gal who wants the 9th of July to be here ASAP– but great scott, has it been more busy than I would have liked.

I suppose you could say it has also been frustrating. See, here’s the thing: I like to be in control of things. I like to know my schedule every day. I like to write and see my ideas come to fruition and to share them with other people. I like that I can make my coffee as weak or strong as I want.

So then there’s the big things that I have little to no control over, like where Ian and I will get jobs, where we’ll find a place to live, our opposite schedules that only leave so much time for each other during the week. That’s not quite so much fun.

But when we DO find a place to live....I'm already on the decor. 🙂

Last week I was one of 20 selected out of 70 applicants for an interview with Marriott, only to be rejected by the next two hotel companies that I thought for sure I had a shot at. I’m in a class where, in groups, we are responsible for developing, planning, and opening up our own restaurant for a night at our student run cafe on campus. A ton of work, and a ton of attitude adjustment is needed there, seeing as how I’m not much into restaurants and stressful situations. I’m also in an English class that requires three weekend field trips, something I thought would be awesome at first but now that I see the grind of my week, I really need those Saturdays to relax and catch up. And, on top of that, the weather around here as been as lame as can be! I’m talking snow, rain, ice, sleet…the whole nine yards. So with a sniffly and sneezy Bren, no cancelled classes, one too many lattes and lack of time for blogging and fun things…let’s just say this funky junkie has had better days.

So you know what? This morning, I slept through class, made myself some Starbucks coffee, and am sitting by the window with the sun pouring in. And the window open, to counterbalance the overactive radiator.

You might say, ” and on top of all THAT, you have a wedding to plan!” Friends, wedding planning is the least of my stress! Seriously. I have amazing friends, amazing family, and an amazing fiance that has made this whole wedding planning thing so much fun. In fact, it’s definitely a much-needed escape from the stressful things of college and life.

So on a happier note, we have indeed found time to start bringing the details of our wedding together. Several weeks ago, we spent a Sunday afternoon at our reception site tasting some delicious food to decided on our menu. This past Saturday, we braved the snow to travel over the mountain to the flower shop to decide on flowers. This weekend holds (in addition to the Super Bowl…meh) more invitation making, and possibly table numbers?

Winter blues, begone!
P.S. I did my first guest post on another blog a few weeks ago! My beautiful fellow vintage-loving friends at miskabelle were so nice and let me share some of my favorite thrifted items. You can read the post here. Be sure to check out their blog and etsy store too!