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Today was Wedding Invite Day: Round 2! This time, I enlisted the help of my mother and sister–hence, MOB (Mother of Bride) and MOH (Maid of Honor)!

No mimosas this time, but we stuck it out through the second half of invitations that needed to be glued, stamped, and cut.

They did a fantastic job, and we can finally put the invitations to rest…for now.

Who could ask for a greater MOB and MOH? I sure couldn’t.

Speaking of my awesome family, I would like to introduce you to my sister, Emily. This is Emily:

Isn’t she beautiful? I absolutely love my sister and I am so proud of the talented young woman she is becoming. She is a mini Julia Child in the kitchen (she made some fantastic homemade pizza tonight for us), an incredibly talented photographer, and has a completely unique and fun style. I’ve trained her well in the ways of Goodwill shopping, but she puts her own spin on her outfits (like those Starbucks earrings…how cute are they? I’m not partial since I bought them or anything…)

So, in conclusion…it was a productive Saturday. Now cozy up and eat some chocolate!