With anniversary celebrations in the past, going on the 4th year of dating, and reaching the 4-month point until the big day, I find myself going back through my masses of wedding ideas that I’ve been collecting since we’ve been engaged (OK, or maybe a little from before than, too). I started out the process with thousands of potential themes, looks, motifs…would it be vintage? Classic? Elegant? Retro?

But what about a fantastic, funky, very us mix of all of that? Taking inspiration from all of those things has been helping our plans shape up into something truly unique.

I’ve been gathering not only decoration, flower, and accessory ideas, but also photo ideas and poses. Here are some that I love:

I want balloons. Lots and lots of big, colorful balloons.

But right now, in yucky and cold and windy February, I’m still warm and fuzzy from the surprise anniversary flowers at work on Wednesday and the framed engagement photos present.

Also…our DIY invitations were featured on this week’s Wedding Bee DIY Friday post! Check it out here!

Stay funky, junkies.