I go back and forth on my current feelings about still being in college. With the completely exciting and life-changing events that are looming on the horizon, it’s getting tough to appreciate the college life that so many people here at Penn State wish they could continue forever (and some will continue for as long as Mom and Dad keep paying tuition).

I entered senior year knowing that the year would be a good one, but when it was over I would be ready to move on to bigger and better things. I made a vow to see as many people as possible, go on as many lunch dates as I could, and to not turn down any opportunities for things that I might not be able to do anymore once college was over. Late night chats with the roommate, bars that offer no drinks more than 5 dollars, classes at 11:15 and having all my friends just a phone call away from coffee and chatting…it’s all good, right?

I don’t want to wish my last semester of college away, but time after time after I’ve had a particularly frustrating week, I tend to let myself translate that frustration to blaming it on college, the people here, my classes–everything except myself and my attitude, the only things that can actually do something about it. But let’s be honest–sometimes we all just want to stew, right?

A week of crazy schedules, group meetings, and traveling has kept me and Ian apart all week.  After a two-day warm weather tease last weekend, I’m back in my winter coat and hole-y boots. I’m in an English class that includes field trips, but I’m not so thrilled about waking up early on a Saturday morning to go travel to a farm. 12+ hour days of constant motion and work, and no time or energy left to do fun things for myself like working out, making things, shopping……yes, all work and no shopping makes Bren a grumpy gal! Especially when she hasn’t seen the inside of a thrift shop for over a month.

My mom and I have a word for all this: meep. According to Urban Dictionary, Meep : Sums up everything. Incidentally, it’s also the noise that my favorite Muppet makes.

But you know what? We will pull through. The best is yet to come. And luckily, there is no shortage of coffee and chocolate.