Surprisingly, for an easily flustered gal who has never flown without her parents or other people, I arrived safe and sound in San Antonio with no complication!

I hopped on a shaky little plane in Allentown this morning at 6am. Tired and slightly delirious from getting 3 hours of sleep, upon entering the plane I sat down in the wrong row. One can see how things get confusing the farther back you go on the plane, when the seat numbers don’t exactly line up and you’ve lost count of the rows. Understandable, right? Except my ticket said Row 3. And sat down in Row 4. So when I saw a rather big-boned lady climb into the seat in front of me, I smugly thought to myself, oh good thing I don’t have to squeeze in there. Unfortunately, my punishment for not being able to count to row three was that she turned out to be my seat mate. Meep.

Otherwise, the flying process was flawless. I even enjoyed some free peanuts, courtesy of Delta airlines! How kind.

Now, running on 3 cups of coffee (and contemplating another…) I am set to go explore this southern city. I better start working on my southern accent!

Just gearin' up for a week in the South at Central PA.