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After receiving those chocolate covered strawberries, I made my first attempt at living the high-roller life. A bubble bath with chocolate covered strawberries, low lights, and Jack Johnson playing on the ipod.

Except after finding that shower gel did not produce the same soothing, bubbly effect as bubble bath, and that there is only one large, un-dim-able bright light in the bathroom, and that I am way too big to fit comfortably into a bath tub, it can safely be said that my attempt failed. As if the floating chocolate pieces in the bathtub wasn’t enough of an indicator.

So last night was attempt number two. With a $5 off coupon for turning down housekeeping (goin’ green!), I decided to get room service and order the only thing on the menu under 15 bucks.

And, of course, only the finest quality television programming.

I tried to play it cool when it was delivered. But I think my giddyness when I told the nice boy to put it on my bed “because I’m going to eat dinner in BED!” gave it all away.

More adventures in The Suite Life of Brenda the Intern to come….