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When I moved into an apartment, I could not WAIT to turn into Julia Child every night when I cooked dinner. Gone were the days of meal plans and turkey wraps for dinner…HELLO healthy, easy, and affordable 30 minute meals a la Rachael Ray!

But that got old fast. Living 2 steps away from Panera is just too convenient. Cereal for dinner is just too easy. And our smoke alarm goes off every time the stove turns on. Who wants to deal with that?

However, there are nights when I put on my apron and practice being a domestic diva. I found this recipe for Gnocchi with Zucchini Ribbons and Parsley Brown Butter and figured it sounded easy enough. Do I already have half the ingredients in my pantry? Check. Can I get the rest of the ingredients at the little grocery store down the street? Check check.

But let the substitutions begin: I already had whole wheat penne, so I decided to just use that instead of gnocchi. I cut up the zucchini (no “ribbons”…too tedious!) and threw them in to sizzle to perfection.

Next, an arsenal of the most basic spices: salt, pepper, oregano, and parsley. And cinnamon?

The recipe called for nutmeg. But since my substitution skills are top of the pops, I knew cinnamon was just as good, right?

After sprinkling some parmesan on top, the squash was ready to add to the pasta for a colorful, hearty dinner! The cinnamon actually added a nice spicy note.

Just think of how much more fantastic it will be next time when I actually follow the recipe.

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