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Hi friends! I do apologize for the quiet last few days around here– I was on a mini tour of Maryland and PA for a weekend of interviews and exploring a potential future home with the fiance, and hanging and catching up with some old friends at their schools in Baltimore and Gettysburg. 

Ian had a fantastic interview with the Anne Arundel County school district, so keep your fingers crossed! Afterwards, we spent the afternoon exploring Annapolis, an beautiful town filled with coffee shops, restaurants, antiques, and vintage shops. Um….perfect? 

After asking around the Safeway parking lot for where to get the best seafood, we were directed to the downtown area where we stumbled across Buddy’s Crabs and Ribs. Yeehaw!

Ian went for the buffet, while I opted for a nice $15 crab cake sandwich. But oh my, was it the best crab cake I’ve ever had. While in Maryland, right?

We refueled with some amazing cinnamon and pecan coffee from Hard Bean Cafe, we putzed around in the warm sun, popping into antique shops, a cigar shop, an Irish store, and a fun vintage crafty place. You know–a little bit of everything.

Soon it was time to head down the road to Baltimore, where Ian left me off with some of my best friends/bridesmaids to see our gal Shannon in the two-person play Dutchman. Afterwards, we enjoyed hanging with her artsy friends, as well as the strength of some $5 cocktails and leaving our PSU mark on the chalkboard walls.

Next stop on Saturday morning was the Gettysburg battlefields to visit the lovely Courtney and Megan, two more best friends and bridesmaids. Despite the monsoon, we received the driving tour of Gettysburg College and some dinner at Gettysburg Eddie’s. We left G-burg in a flood and tornado watch, and set off down the road home, dodging lightning and flooded forests.

It was a GREAT weekend. And after today, I will be done with my restaurant class, which has been the bane of my existence over the past few months. The sun is shining, and I’m getting married in 86 days. No complaints here!

Next order of business: get a job.