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Instead of being productive on this sunny and windy morning, I spent a good chunk of time perusing 100 Layer Cake, one of my favorite wedding blogs. Please take some time to feast your eyes on these images from A Whimsical Columbus Wedding, because it pretty much sums up everything I want my wedding to be–the bright colors, oversized balloons, her birdcage veil, and the candy table–absolutely adorable! 

Even if you aren’t planning a wedding in the near future, this site is totally worth checking out, if for nothing else than procrastination purposes (just in time for finals…you’re welcome!). 100 Layer Cake was introduced to me by my lovely friend/bridesmaid Shannon, and it has not only been the source of countless wedding inspiration for me, but has also further confirmed that planning a wedding is much, much more fun than school. Sigh.

With my biggest class of the semester OVER, the only thing standing between me, graduation, and bringing this wedding to life is 3 weeks, a 25-page paper and a final for a class I’ve given up going to for Lent. Umm…senioritus much?