Friends, the day has come. The semester from hell has come to a close. I got a fabulous grade in a class in which my attendance I can count on one hand. I’m done with college.

And what better way to celebrate than with a nice head cold?

I’ll admit, I might be a bit of a wimp when it comes to sicknesses. I may or may not have had a bit of a meltdown with Ian when I sauntered my lightheaded, sniffly, coughing bum out of the gym. (I also may or may not have googled whether or not coughing is a good ab workout.) It’s the end of college, for pete’s sake! I should be out sipping drinks and shopping and hanging with all my friends before graduation! But with a disgusting-sounding cough and a raw nose that’s slathered in vaseline, laying on the couch is heaps more appealing. Yeehaw.

Yes, it’s frustrating. And yes, I would prefer to be out enjoying the beautiful weather. BUT there are bigger things to be happy about! For instance…

My little sister went to Junior Prom yesterday. She’s too young to be doing this stuff. But oh my, was she a babe!

I want to get dressed up in a pretty dress! Oh wait….only 62 days to go! And you’ll get to see my gorgeous maid of honor in another stunning frock. 

I must say, we sure have come a long way from Easter dresses and scrunchies….