I ran into an old roommate, friend, and fellow soon-to-be-grad at the gym yesterday, who when I asked her how the first week of summer was going, responded that she was ‘enjoying retirement’ for a little while.

Ah, retirement! Sleeping in every day, catching up with friends over beverages downtown in the middle of the day, and sauntering down the street in a dress. It was fun for the first few days. Now I’m just bored. 

Doesn’t that ring a bell with summer days of the past? Before internships, interviews, and real life started making its way into summer plans. Before bar tours and day longs were the only way to celebrate being done with school. It’s hard to believe that a short four years ago, it was high school graduation that was upon us. After school, we would cram as many people as possible into each other’s junky cars to go to the park, or to chase down the ice cream truck, or to stuff ourselves at Red’s Steamed Cheeseburgers. Parties meant chips and salsa in someone’s basement while we watched a rented movie. Summertime meant finding abandoned shopping carts in the neighborhood park and riding bikes to the grocery store to eat cheap donuts. 

Even though all signs are pointing to summer– the sun is shining, school’s out, and, oh, I don’t have a job, there is so much more looming on the horizon. Free time means more time for wedding plans, job searching, and figuring out what life will hold after July 9th. I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t a little bit stressed. 

So I think for now, I’ll just enjoy retirement a little bit.