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Well friends, as of two days ago, this funky junkie is officially a Penn State alum!

And, as of yesterday, my man is officially a master of education. That’s right, I’m marrying a master. You can be jealous.
**Editor’s note: it took the author several tries to spell ‘education’ right and she resorted to automatic spell check.

And just like that, our college days are over. I tried to be sentimental, but I think that after a three long weeks of ‘lasts’ (Last week of class! Last finals week! Last week before graduation!) I was ready to just move on.

Now that’s not to say that I haven’t had a fantastic four years. Because when I came to Penn State, all the way up the street from my parents house, I had second thoughts of whether I had made the right decision to stay in town. But in these four years, I have met incredible people in my major, in my a cappella group, and I was able to maintain the balance with my best childhood girlfriends who both stayed here and went away for college. 

Not to mention I met this guy when I was just a slouchy little 18 year old…

But yes, after several graduation ceremonies and boring speakers, I officially decided that I am more than ready for the next adventure. But first, we needed some food, and we were lucky enough to snag a table at The Tavern, Ian’s old stomping grounds and the place for many-a-first dates.

Overall, it was a weekend that reminded me of the many ways I have been blessed in life.

Next order of business? 

Bring these photo inspirations to life. In the next 2 months.

Let’s do this.