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Even though it seems like every time something is checked off my to-do list, twelve things appear in its place, I think it’s safe to say this week has been incredibly productive. Dare I say that things are even falling into place?

Take today, for example. I met with our DJ, who I am confident is not going to be your run-of-the-mill wedding DJ. He is a long time family friend who is going to do a great job coordinating all of our music and special touches. Let’s just say that there will be absolutely NO chicken dancing at this soiree. 

After a fantastic lunch and chat with my mom at Nola’s Joint, an awesome little hole in the wall at the former site of Tony’s Big Easy on Pugh St, I met up with the beautiful Meagan Jepson, our photographer (who is a newlywed herself!). I was able to show her around the church and we talked about the styles, poses, and ideas for photos. I am so, so, so excited to work with her! We have very similar styles and I know she is going to do an AWESOME job with our photos!

Can you tell I’m feeling good? 

I’ve decided that you know you’re marrying the right guy if they can survive the emotional turmoil that comes with a girl planning a wedding. Luckily, Ian has passed with flying colors. My moods have been all over the place–stressed and overwhelmed one minute, cool as a cucumber the next, and a crying mess two seconds later. I go from loving all these last minute crafts to wanting to throw everything up in the air. Days have gone by where I feel like I’ve been moving all day long, but I look back and think, ‘what did I even accomplish today?‘. 

But today? Today was good. So good, that I rewarded myself with some homemade cannoli from Margarita’s. 

Incidentally, these photos were uploaded in the same roll as some photos I vainly took of myself to track my workout progress. Hm. Zumba time, I guess.

On tap for this weekend: The bachelorette party and shower. Stay tuned. :-)