I had no idea what to expect for my bachelorette party. All I knew was that nine of my best friends were planning something crazy, and they would call me every day the week leading up to it and tell me how excited I should be. 

Enter a delicious dinner at one bridesmaid’s house, a (little too realistic) phallic shaped cake, and a night of debauchery at the State College bars complete with blinking tiaras, a scavenger hunt with clues and tasks to complete at each stop (with prizes for completing each one!), and gracing the downtown streets with lovely renditions of Wilson Phillips and Hall and Oates. I think the photos will speak for themselves here….

 Notice the accumulation of gawdy tchotchkes…

A night out with my beautiful friends, fun outfits, and lots and lots of laughter was just right, and I couldn’t have imagined spending it any other way. 

And the next morning? The bridal shower with all of our moms. Stay tuned, folks. 🙂