22. The next age that comes after your last big birthday milestone (before 50?). Last year, I celebrated my newfound ability to go out and have an adult beverage in public. This year, after breakfast with my handsome man, I jaunted around Amish country with my mom and sister.

After a visit with our florist in Burnham, PA, we stopped in this great diner right down the street for a delicious and incredibly nutritious pre-wedding week meal of fries and a milkshake. And let me tell you, they were incredible.

Hello future kitchen inspiration!

After several detours through the mountains of PA, I headed to the mall with some beautiful friends to spend up bridal shower Victoria’s Secret gift cards. In my true bargain hunting fashion, let’s just say we made out very well. 

The evening was spent at the baseball field cheering on the good ‘ole State College Spikes with some of my best friends– aka enjoying some expensive ballpark beer, talking, avoiding fly balls, and cheering when we were supposed to.

It was a great birthday.