Everything is quiet. Everyone is my house is still in bed, and there is nothing on my to-do list that can’t wait a couple hours. I’m sipping a steaming mug of Caribou Coffee from the magical Keurig and dare I say, we are almost ready to go have a wedding?

Even though I am a big girl and have my own apartment in the same town as my parents, I’ve been sleeping every night this week in my bedroom at home, the one I’ve grown up in, rearranged furniture every other month in, created to reflect my ever-changing teenage style, and moved back into every summer after a school year in the dorms. Even though now it is overtaken by bridal shower gifts and wedding decor, I can still see the remnants of my childhood peeking out: the album cover decorations on the wall, paintings from when I tried to be artsy, scrapbook and craft supplies poking out from under my bed. It’s all there, and unfortunately, waiting to be sorted through as I decide what will come along to Virginia. 

But my favorite spot at my parents house, by far, is the back porch.

You always hear laments that we live in a world where people sit on their back porch in seclusion instead of the front porch socializing with the neighbors. I was fortunate to grow up in a neighborhood where people do still sit on the front porch – in fact, my neighbors make up a large portion of the wedding guest list because everyone is very close – but nothing beats the solitude of the back porch when you just need a quiet moment. The birds in the trees, squirrels rustling the leaves, and the wind blowing  as you read a book with a big glass of iced tea. 

Then at night, the twinkling Christmas lights come on and the back porch turns into the family gathering spot after dinner, where we come sit and chat with each other, watching the fireflies and feeling safe in our little back porch haven.

Last night, after a particularly crazy day mostly spent in the car driving all over creation for various wedding appointments, Ian and I parked ourselves on the deck with a two glasses of Chardonnay and just took a deep breath: we’re almost there! My parents came in and out, my sister was inside baking chocolate chip zucchini bread, and I thought about how much I am going to miss the comfort of home sometimes.

But as Ian and I were chatting (and fishing stray bugs out of our wine), we were talking about how blessed we are as we get ready to start our new life together: he has a job, we have an AWESOME place to live, and we have had so much help and support from our friends and family who have lovingly donated their time and talents to making our big day incredible. 

The best part about our new place is that we will have our own back porch! It’s like it was meant to be.I can’t wait for evenings on our new porch under the twinkling lights with a glass of wine and my new husband. Visitors always welcome.