Remember when I talked about how classy I was when my mom and I went wine tasting in the back of a junk shop?

Or when Ian and I went wine and chocolate tasting at a State College winery?

Obviously, tasting wine makes you classy. So when I found a free concert at the Paradise Springs Winery in Clifton, VA, I knew we had to go. It even said that summer sangria would be available! Um, yum.

So naturally, I did my hair and put on my classiest high-waisted shorts for our little adventure.

We drove about 45 minutes over the river and through the woods, back through neighborhoods with the biggest houses we have ever seen. That right there should have been a clue. 

Or maybe I should have considered right off the bat that we no longer live in a little college town in Central PA, and that you used to balk at paying over five dollars for a pitcher of an alcoholic beverage, and that when it says that “summer sangria is available” that means it’s free, right?

Not so much–try 25 dollars! For a dang pitcher! And six dollars just for a measly glass of locally crafted wine!

Yes, I know. Welcome to the real world, Bren.

We arrived to the beautiful winery, parked in the field, and hiked over to the newly renovated barn where dozens of high-class adults were milling around with glasses in hand and nibbling on platters of cheese and nuts. Out on the 200 degree patio, with every seat and table taken, mosquitos in the air, was a man playing the guitar. Hm– so much for concert. 

It was hot. I wanted wine. My hair was a mess. I was suddenly feeling super down about the whole situation.

New plan? Go home, crack open a beer, and watch Waiting.

But when we got home, after some research on the husband’s part, he discovered an Irish pub not too far from us that had live Irish music. That sounded more like our scene, so after a quick outfit change we hopped in the car again and headed down the road to the Auld Shebeen. 

Even though the price range was still a little higher than what we would have liked (read: 2.50 for a State College pint), the fun atmosphere, live music, and delicious Guinness made it OK. 

Who say that pubs can’t be classy too?!