It was a beautiful day in Virginia yesterday…sunny, not too hot, and zero humidity. 

I was itching for a change of scenery, so I headed to Old Town Fairfax to check out the shops that we’ve passed in the car so many times. 

As I walked among the shops, I saw moms and daughters and friends checking out the vintage goods together and missed my own mom and sister. I passed by Panera and saw a group of college aged gals sitting outside laughing, and it made me miss my girlfriends, who have recently scattered all over the world. And it kind of made me miss my hometown, where you can’t walk down the street without seeing someone you know.

Laptop in tow, I wandered into Starbucks with my birthday gift card (THANKS EMILY!) and treated myself to a Chai Creme Frappe while I applied for some more jobs. And I started thinking about how much I wanted a job. And about how moving is hard. I was so ready to get out of State College, to completely uproot and find a new place to start a new life with my husband after college. Oh, and have my dream job handed to me. That would be nice. 

A few hours later, I headed home because I needed to bake some dessert for dinner at a friend’s house last night, having screwed up box cake the night before (but that’s another story for another day). As I poked through the cupboards, we didn’t have anything I needed to bake some cupcakes…no vegetable oil, no butter, no baking soda. This was obviously grounds for a meltdown (because in the world of PMS, the world frequently ends due to such circumstances). 

A quick trip to Giant was in order, and when we got back to our little abode, I set to work on creating some cupcakes. From a box. And this time, I didn’t forget the eggs. Then, we heard a knock on the door and were greeted by Georgia, who brought us down two Yuenglings and some Greek cooking that she wanted us to try.

Suddenly, it all didn’t really matter. Ian and I dug into the delicious creation and after a swig of our PA roots, Ian said, “we have it so good.”

Yeah, we do. And I had truly forgotten it. It’s OK to miss my friends, and it’s OK to miss State College (yeah, I said it) but WOW did I move to an amazing place, with an amazing man, and even with amazing new friends who live close by. 

Not to mention the best landlady ever.