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It’s hard to maintain a blog about vintage clothes and thrift shop finds when you don’t have extra money to spend at those places.

So what do I do these days in between relentlessly applying for jobs, putzing, watching movies, and playing games?


Thanks to the Super H Mart, which has FANTASTIC deals on produce and meat (if you’re in the area…you HAVE to check it out, if for nothing else than the free samples) we aren’t living on Spam and cereal. Yay!

Between me and Ian, I would say that we are dang good cooks–definitely in the higher percentile for newly married couples. I make things with recipes; Ian throws things together in the cast iron skillet. And usually, if we follow our respective methods, we eat reaaaaaal good.

When I want to make something, I look around at what we have in our kitchen, then Google a recipe for those things–and I get really, really excited when we actually have everything needed to make it. For instance, over the weekend I found this recipe for Pan-Fried Mango Curry Chicken. We had chicken. We had curry. And we even had lots of mangos!

I threw in some broccoli and green beans, and whipped up some rice for good measure. It was a feast.

I was feeling on a roll, so last night I decided to do a completely homemade, from scratch, journey to Mexico. Ole!

First things first: chop up some tomatoes, onions, and fresh cilantro (my favorite herb). Toss with olive oil and Ian’s homemade hot sauce, and voila! SALSA!

Ian was out and about, so I asked him to pick up some tortilla chips. He returned with these, along with lots of cheap spirits from Trader Joe’s:

Does he go above and beyond, or what?

Next: flour tortillas. Homemade ones just taste so much better than the ones form the store!

Meanwhile, the chips and salsa were quickly disappearing. I rolled the tortillas out, and slapped ’em in the skillet as some zucchini and onions were simmering in the pan next door.

When the tortillas were done, I layered them with cheese and vegetables. And then we had homemade quesadillas. And they were divine.