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What’s a girl to do with her antsy, (hopefully for not much longer) unemployed self?

Other than this…

Um, she bakes. A lot. But sometimes she forgets to put eggs in Duncan Hines cake mix, deems it “Fail Cake”, and is then turned off from baking…for a week.

But not today! With two job interviews lined up for next week, I was feeling ambitious. I had recently made a batch of fabulous chocolate chip cookies for a coffee date with a new friend, and they were all gone. Wanting to do the right thing for the happiness of our household, I figured it was my duty to replenish the supply.

Except…I wanted to make ones that I wouldn’t feel bad for eating half the batch, but wouldn’t taste like cardboard or sawdust. So after some Googling, I stumbled across The World’s Healthiest Chocolate Chip Cookies. Made with whole wheat flour, vegetable oil, and milk, I was feeling pretty good about the health factor! The big question…would they be tasty too?

Answer? Yes. Oooooh yes. The best part was not only being able to eat the batter–because no eggs was intentional this time!

As they baked, I was still feeling on a roll. I had a spark of inspiration to make something with the boxes and boxes of Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal we have sitting in the cupboard.

I wasn’t sure if instant oatmeal would produce the same effect as regular oatmeal, but what did we have to lose? Those Quaker Oats are going nowhere fast. Luckily, other people have had this thought, so I found a fabulous sounding “Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal Muffins“. I was getting sick of cereal for breakfast, anyway.

When all the treats were done, I put together a little sample platter for the man.

Cookies, muffins, and thunderstorms, all in one day. Can’t go wrong with that!