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Today, I wanted to show you some of the fabulous thrifty finds from this past weekend with the family.

But due to the current state of affairs of the weather and the fact that it’s so dark it looks like it’s 8:00pm (not to mention it’s a terrible hair day), conditions just aren’t right for pretty pictures.

But soon, friends. Soon!

In college, days like today usually meant hightailing my squishing, usually leaking, rainboots up the hill to Otto’s Cafe for an afternoon of grilled cheese and tomato soup, socializing with coworkers and friends, and not getting work done. Unfortunately, since this was typically the case for State College weather, this is more often than not a typical day.

Not to mention it was a fabulous excuse for copious amounts of caffeine.

So naturally, the rain gave me a hankering for some grilled cheese and tomato soup. Show me a dreary day, James Taylor Pandora, grilled cheese, and a stack of new books and magazines and I’ll show you a girl who thinks that maybe unemployment isn’t so bad today.

Never mind that when I’m done dunking my sandwich in my soup, I forget that tomato soup by itself just tastes like warm spaghetti sauce. And that I don’t really like it anymore after five bites.

But ooooh…a grilled cheese on Fiber One Multigrain Bread (on sale at Giant this week! Whoop!) with mozzarella, parmesan, and Italian seasonings dunked in the stuff tastes like pizza.

 I’m sure my husband would be thrilled to eat some leftovers….!

EDIT, ten minutes later: Sorry babe, I ate it all.