Today is the big move. Blog move, that is.

I had been pondering switching over to Blogger for quite some time now, but was daunted by all the converting, re-designing, and exporting that the task would entail. The more I have been perusing and making new blog friends, it just seems like Blogger is much better for networking and design. 

But what with my unemployed schedule of eating, drinking wine, reading magazines, and watching episode after episode of Say Yes to the Dress, it was just hard to find time to make such a drastic change.

But. Then I got a job offer yesterday. And I start Monday. 


And all of a sudden, my upcoming days aren’t quite so free anymore. So this morning, I decided once and for all that today was the day! Not to mention I had a good solid afternoon of football watching (aka making lots of good food, sitting in front of the TV, and entertaining myself for the afternoon while the rest of the world is football watching) to spare. 

I’m really, really excited to show you the new look! Right now I’ve got a whole new look, new color scheme, and I’m going back to make sure all my posts look fabulous. And don’t go trying to peek because was already taken, and it’s not me. You’ll just have to wait until Monday.

Until then….have a fabulous Saturday!