A Funky Junkie Wedding

On July 9th, 2011, I married my best friend.

A large part of this blog has been devoted to chronicling my adventures in planning a unique and DIY wedding. This is where you can find all my wedding posts in one place. 

Transforming the Space
Finding “The One”
1 Month + Wedding Photo Preview!
Honeymoon Week Pat II: Meltdown in Margaritaville
Honeymoon Week: The Wining and Dining
Shower The People You Love with Love
Here Comes the Bachelorette
The Wedding Registry: Like Shopping, Only Better 

Wedding Thoughts and Musings
“I may have told you to be my girlfriend, but this time I’m asking you to be my wife...”
Goin’ to the Cheap-al
It’s Time for Mistletoe and Holly….especially mistletoe.
How to Have the Perfect Wedding…No Liposuction Needed
Unique: Just Like Everybody Else
Don’t Rain On My Parade
It’s The Final Countdown! 

DIY Projects
Invitations from the Wedding Sweatshop
Craft Time with MOB and MOH
Put a Ring On It: The Bridesmaid Gifts 

Funky Junkie Wedding Inspirations
Chocolate Chai and Cookie Buffets
Colorful Dreams on a Rainy Day
The Perfect Theme
Some Wedding Inspiration, A la Audrey


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